What about Max?

What about Max?

Autodesk Max and Maya are the undisputed heavyweight industry tools for 3D Artists... but this is very complex software, it requires fast, high-spec computers, and they have an ugly, massive learning curve. This makes for a non-trivial and complex learning solution.

Max and Maya create models using deformable shapes such as a cube, sphere or a cylinder... but how did Max create and draw the cube in the first place? It must use 3D Graphics to draw the cube... but what is it made from? What are the core components used to draw the cube using 3D Graphics? This and other information is hidden in Max... so it is not useful in teaching such core concepts.

3D Model Builder teaches the core fundamentals of 3D Graphics by getting you to build a cube from scratch, using the core components used in 3D Graphics. A cube, in its simplest form, is made from 8 points and 12 triangles.

Therefore, using 3D Model Builder we create 8 points and then create 12 "front facing" triangles to represent the cube.

To show a lighting calculation (shading) on the cube faces we need to also create "normals". By adding 8 normals we can draw a smooth shaded cube.

We could also create 12 normals (4 per face) to draw the cube with flat shaded surfaces.

So what we have with 3D Model Builder is a solid learning platform that introduces all of the core concepts that is the basis for all 3D rendering, modelling, content creation and is used throughout the game design and development process.